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M&A advisor Daniël de Blocq van Scheltinga

About Daniël

M&A advisor Daniël de Blocq van ScheltingaDaniël de Blocq van Scheltinga is an independent chemical M&A advisor based out of Hongkong. Van Scheltinga holds a Master of Law degree from the Netherlands’ Leiden University, specialising in international law, and served in the Royal Dutch Navy as Legal Attache to the Navy Command, including postings within a multi-national taskforce.  Van Scheltinga speaks Dutch, English, French, Danish and German and is married with 3 children. He is a frequent speaker on the chemicals, commodities and financial sectors at conferences sponsored, inter alia, by The Economist, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST), Chemical Week and ICIS Chemical News. He is a regular guest lecturer at the HKUST MBA class. He has done several cross border M&A deals (As well buy side as sell side). CFIE is ready to help you with your European M&A plans.

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de Blocq van Scheltinga

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Skills & Experience

Daniël de Blocq van Scheltinga is an independent M&A advisor focusing on, amongst others, the (petro)chemical, agrochemical, cleantech, foodsecurity and energy sectors. Daniël has quickly become a liaison between non-Asian firms seeking to grow in Asia and Asian (most notably Chinese) firms seeking acquisition opportunities outside the region.

He has also served, concurrently, as CEO of ChemChina Finance Company, the financial and mergers & acquisitions arm of China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina), Asia’s third largest chemical company, with more than USD 27.7 billion in sales (2012) and among the 15 largest companies in the sector, world-wide.  Van Scheltinga was the first non-PRC citizen to ever be appointed to the management committee level of ChemChina and was one of the most senior non-PRC citizens working for a State-Owned Enterprise in the country. He was also the first non-PRC citizen to ever receive central government approval to run the finance company of a State-Owned Enterprise in China. During his tenure at ChemChina, the Group enteretd into a strategic alliance with Blackstone, cumulating in the latter’s s 20% state in China BlueStar, the first ever international investment in China’s national chemical sector.  Also during this tenure, Van Scheltinga obtained the Finance Company license from the central banking regulatory authorities, and built the Finance Company from scratch, responsible for both domestic cashmanagement (460 operating companies) and international m&a.

Prior to the above, Van Scheltinga spent 10 years at then-ABN AMRO (subsequently acquired by RBS) including acting as the first Asia Pacific Head of Chemicals and concurrently co-head of energy and resources Asia (2001-2006) within Corporate Finance, and Asia Head of Asset Based Finance (2007-2008). Before ABN AMRO Van Scheltinga gained experience in corporate finance, corporate clients and loan syndications with DKB and KB.

Industrial knowledge

  • Chemical distribution
  • (Petro) chemical
  • Agrochemical
  • Clean tech
  • Energy

Country experience

  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Asia (in general)
  • The Netherlands

Languages spoken by the M&A advisor

  • Dutch (Native)
  • Chinese
  • English
  • French
  • Danish
  • German

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