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M&A advisor Irakli Danelia

About m&a advisor Irakli Danelia

m&a advisor Irakli Daneli

Irakli is focused on M&A deals in transportation industry. He is leading transaction processes for road transportation, logistics, freight forwarding and other transportation related companies. His knowledge and competency in the industry ensures easy communication and clear understanding of your M&A plans in Transportation. He can assist in processing your M&A transaction according to your requirements, be it buy side request or the sell side one. CFIE is ready to help you with your M&A plans in Europe.

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Skills & Experience

Irakli studied Business Administration and got relevant bachelor’s degree in International Business and Foreign Trade from Tbilisi State University and master’s degree in Logistics and Freight Forwarding from Georgian Technical University. Irakli has developed his practical knowledge in transportation industry through his intensive engagement in operational and commercial processes at several international transportation companies during recent 20 years; his experience comprises extensive practice in handling various types of shipments and transportation of cargos by air, sea and land.

To learn more about Irakli, please refer to his LinkedIn profile.

Industrial knowledge

  • Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Freight Forwarding

Regional experience

  • Europe

Languages spoken by the M&A advisor

  • English
  • Russian
  • German
  • Georgian (Native)

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