Buy a warehousing company in Denmark

How to buy a Danish warehousing company

The best way to purchase a warehousing business in Denmark is done by making use of a Danish CFIE M&A advisor who knows the Danish warehousing industry. Further, our M&A advisors that can help you to buy a company know about the local business habits. When doing business in Denmark it is necessary to have an advisor with a track record in M&A. The strength of the Corporate Finance in Europe team is the combination of in depth knowledge of the warehousing industries combined with geographical knowledge of Denmark including speaking the local language.
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In this article we describe the following items:
  • Purchase a warehousing company
  • Main warehousing players in Denmark
  • The warehousing industry in Denmark
  • Example of a warehousing purchase
  • Support when buying a warehousing business

Purchase a warehousing business in Denmark

There is not many opportunities left to buy a warehousing company in Denmark. However, our M&A people are in touch with local warehousing company owners and know which owners are open for a sale if the right buyer comes along. Our M&A advisor in the Danish warehousing industry knows which companies to acquire. Finn Laursen can help you to buy the warehousing company that fits you best.

The main warehousing players in Denmark

The main warehousing players in Denmark are DFDS Logistics, DSV, Freja, Leman and others. There are also many SME within the 3 part logistics, as many of them see the potential of having a client for the transport and then also the 3 part logistics. In this way it’s more difficult for their clients to change to another forwarder.
Their main focus is to be the productions/trading companies “internal” warehouse, to do “pick and pack” for their products. When using a forwarder to do this job, they move there “firmed overheads” to a variable costs, which follow the turnover of the company. If you do not do “pick and pack” or handle special goods types, it can be a little difficult for the forwarder to make a business only of the 3 part logistics. However as many have this “add on” as a service together with the transport either international or domestics they still make money on this business.

The warehousing industry in Denmark

Warehousing in Denmark focuses on warehousing for a number of industries. The most important industries that are being serviced are medical/pharma/ dangerous goods or household articles. The new business in this “game” is the Web business, where many start a company with imports from Far East or south Europe with a web site. Many of them who started a website  2-4 years ago, forgot the “logistics” to make sure that when orders were received, the customer received his goods too. But that has change, and many “physical” shops now also have a website where customer can buy their products for a little less than in the shop. Others have made it their core business that the ships are only “show rooms”, and customers must buy the products on the website. This business will increase very much for the near future.

Example of a warehousing purchase in Denmark

Finn Laursen supported the owners of a Danish pharmaceutical warehousing in the sale to an international warehousing buyer. When an international warehousing buyer came along that was interested in acquiring a warehousing company with a focus on the pharmaceutical industry Finn Laursen knew whom to approach in the Danish warehousing industry. Pretty quickly Finn found a pharmaceutical warehouse that was ideal for the requirements of the international buyer. Read more about this story how Essers bought a pharmaceutical warehousing company in Denmark.

Software in the Danish warehousing industry

Software is playing a more and more role in the supply chain and warehousing processes. If you want to buy a software business related to the warehousing industry we can help you very well. Finn Laursen’s background is in software solutions for the warehousing industry and he knows all the relevant software companies that supply solutions to the warehousing industry. Buying a software related business in Denmark is best be done with the support of the CFIE M&A team.

Support with buying a warehousing business in Denmark

If you have plans for buying a warehousing business in Denmark don´t hesitate to contact us. The M&A advisors of Corporate Finance in Europe are ready to help you out on the purchase of a Danish warehousing company. For free advice about the perspectives of buying a business in Denmark get in touch now via buy a Danish company.