Sell a business or buy a business in Germany

Slogan - Sell a Business in Germany

Selling a German company

Selling a business in Germany is a job for a M&A advisor who understands your business and speaks your language. Next to our industry focus we obtain a strong country focus. Due to the ongoing development of the European Union selling your business to an international acquirer becomes a good alternative. M&A can be a proper solution in selling the whole or a part of your business. Feel free to contact us for free feedback on your plans.

Buy a business in Germany

Slogan - Buy a Business in Germany

For buying a German business a M&A advisor who knows Germany inside out is necessary. Speaking the German language is another essential skill. Corporate Finance in Europe has assisted in several buy and build strategies and knows how the deal should be done. The development of the European Union makes it necessary to be present in several countries. For technology related companies Germany should be a country of special interest. Reasons for cross border M&A can be economies of scale, buying (R&D) knowledge or being at service of your customers which are expanding within the European Union.

M&A in Germany

Germany is one of the leading countries in Europe. The legal landscape can be considered as very friendly (starting a business only takes 18 days).  A significant share of the German GPD is spended on R&D activities and Germany is home base for many world class (technology related) companies with very strong brands. M&A opportunities can be found in selling or buying businesses in transportation, chemicals and especially IT and ICT (R&D related activities). Visit mergers and acquisitions in Germany to learn more about the M&A landscape or read our articles about M&A in Germany.

Background team CFIE

The M&A advisors of Corporate Finance in Europe are well experienced in Germany. Corporate Finance in Europe has been involved in selling and buying German companies valuated between 1M and 100M Euro. The companies that were sold normally have 10 to 200 or more employees and revenues ranging from 1M to 100M Euro. Find out about our teams knowledge and competences in m&a advisory Germany

M&A Deals and transactions

For selling or buying a business in Germany it is necessary to monitor the M&A activities. Corporate Finance in Europe is well informed about the German M&A market and speaks to corporate heads of M&A departments at large acquirers. To sell or buy a business successfully means being aware of the demands and requirements of the current market. On recent deals we can give you some important comments. For recent transactions follow recent M&A deals in Germany

We are ready to assist you and prepared to give feedback on your plans. If you have plans to sell or buy a German company we invite you to contact us.