Interested Buyers for European Companies

In this section a small part of the companies sought are listed to give you an idea of the companies we want to buy on behalf of our customers. Our clients are looking to buy European companies in various industries like manufacturing, information technology, chemical, transportation, forwarding etc.

Companies wanted by size

If you want us to help you in your search for an acquisition in Europe please contact us by e-mail to get more information on how we can help you to buy a company that suits your requirements. The team of Corporate Finance in Europe is available in most European countries and can help you very well in the process of buying a business.

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Not all the companies we are looking for are listed here for reasons of confidentiality. If you have a specific request, please contact us to see if we have a buyer for your company.

Overview of companies wanted in Europe

15 Most recent posted companies wanted

Aluminium components manufacturer Germany wanted

located: Germany
size: Revenue EUR <10M

Packaging equipment manufacturer wanted in Europe

located: Europe
Revenue: € 10 - € 50 mn

Plastic parts manufacturer wanted in Romania

located: Romania
Revenue: € 10 - € 20 mn

Flexible packaging film manufacturer wanted Europe   

located: Europe
Revenue: Less than € 10 mn

Flexible packaging manufacturer wanted Europe   

located: Europe
Revenue: Around € 20 mn

Buyer for a pharmaceutical contract manufacturer (CMO)

located: Europe
size: Revenue 10M – 500M EUR

Buyer for a pharmaceutical manufacturer of generic medicines

located: Europe
size: Revenue 10M – 100M EUR

Buyer for a chemical aroma manufacturing company

located: Europe / Global
size: tiny to medium-sized business

Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer wanted in Europe  

located: Europe
size: Revenue EUR 5-50M

Plastic injection moulding company Germany wanted

located: Germany
Revenue: Around € 10 mn

Plastic injection moulding company Poland   

located: Poland
Revenue: Less than € 10 mn

Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging Company wanted in Europe  

located: Europe
size: Revenue EUR 1-10M

Airport Technology Software Company wanted in Europe 

located: Europe
size: Revenue: EUR 1-30M

Plastic injection moulding company Czech Republic   

located: Czech Republic
Revenue: Less than € 10 mn

Rubber manufacturer wanted Europe   

located: Europe
Revenue: Less than € 10 mn